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Kenya Spencer

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As a Real Estate Agent, I enjoy seeing dreams come true! Whether you are purchasing your first new home or your tenth investment property, the joy of knowing that I am assisting you in reaching your goal makes my heart flutter! My motto is, "Kenya always gets a YES!" because faith is my foundation! It's not that I alone have all the knowledge, power or resources to get the deal done but it's the God that I serve that works with me and through me to accomplish every task to get that YES! I am a SERVANT and as a servant I take what I do seriously. I believe it's my responsibility to care for my clients as I would care for myself. I would want to be a top priority, have a smooth transaction, timely updates, confidentiality, loyalty and work with someone with integrity. By the grace of God you will receive all of those things and much more. I am so honored to be your agent of choice. Let's go get those Yeses!

Behind the Agent

This presentation is a deeper scope, a musing portrait about the agents of Contempo Realty. The intention is to express and explore their deeper means. A look into the person, not just the agent.

Let's talk

225.412.8680 ext. 777

I can't wait to hear from you! Contact me TODAY!

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