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Teicha Woods

As a professional, I began my career as a microbiologist with a B.S. degree from Louisiana State University. I have previously worked in private industry with bacteriology testing and teaching. It was not until my house burned down that I developed a love for real estate. The enjoyment of designing a home, searching for homes, and ultimately building one acting as the contractor made me want others to experience the joy of home ownership and investment in properties. There is a home out there for everyone. Let me help you with my knowledge and expertise in your search for all things property-wise. Contact me and let’s get started now!

Behind the Agent

This presentation is a deeper scope, a musing portrait about the agents of Contempo Realty. The intention is to express and explore their deeper means. A look into the person, not just the agent.

Let's talk

225.412.8680 ext. 225

I can't wait to hear from you! Contact me TODAY!

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